The best of CAFA

Tis the season for CAFA!!!! One of my all time favorite fashion events of the year! You cannot miss it, the biggest fashion icons from all over the world fly in as Canada recognizes Canadian designers, models etc at a giant awards dinner.

The one and only Coco Rocha!

After a few glasses of vino, I worked up the courage to talk to COCO ROCHA, an all-time Canadian fashion supermodel. If you haven’t read her book “Study Of Pose” or watched her on Canadas next top model then perhaps you should get your priorities right and open up a vogue magazine! Coco was very sweet and personable which is always great.

With talk show host Simone RC! Wearing Kara Louise Collection on the red carpet

Simone and I hit the red carpet while we made silly jokes about god knows what. I styled her in one of my gowns paired with gorgeous jewelry from Artemis boutique.

Fashion icons: Beckerman Twins and MTV host Jessi Cruickshank

I ran into this bunch of lovely ladies and couldn’t resist snapping a pic! I love how the Beckerman twins are in matching velvet outfits.

Lady in Red, Lady in Narces

Take a deep breath, smile as big as you possibly can, and strut the runway like you own the place! #runwaytips101


Celebrating Karl Wolfs gold single “Amateur at Love”


Cake cake cake

Last night we celebrated as Karl Wolf single Amateur at Love went gold! I love supporting Candian artists especially when they are as nice as Karl!


My visit to the Woman’s Interval House

This past Monday I had the pleasure of getting the grand tour through the Interval House in Toronto. The first thing I noticed was the tight security they have surrounding inside and outside the unit. From the first 5 seconds of being there, you can tell that their number one priority is to keep these women and children safe.

They have a wheelchair accessible room for pregnant and disabled women which I think is extremely beneficial to take in consideration and they also have different tile patterns on the floor for the blind. The house has so many amazing levels to it! It’s filled with artwork from the children, there are a couple rooms for the kids to play in, they offer counseling for all women and children, as well as transition programs to help the women find jobs and places to live. What blew my mind was entering a room, filled with business professional clothes for women who are starting a new job and the house also helps prepare them for an interview.  Top to bottom this place was amazing and it makes me so happy to see an organization doing so much to help victims of abuse.

They teach children how to have healthy relationships

Prior to, I went to the store and filled up a giant cart filled with toiletries. Most families that end up in the house are fleeing from a terrible and devastating situation and they don’t come with much, which is why I picked up tons of new toothbrushes, female products, shampoo etc.

I honestly couldn’t imagine running away from my condo and never looking back, while leaving all my belongings behind.

 A little effort goes a long way! Be the change!

Runway Beats & Front Row Seats

Hello, fashion week we meet again…. and again and again! 

However, this year was the first fashion week for women, known as TFW. I made it to a couple fashion shows, had about a million fashiongasims and hugged the other million people I ran into who were also attending the shows.

We’re smiling on the inside I swear!

Tip: Before attending a show have a shot of espresso, put on your highest most obnoxious shoes paired with bright bitchy lipstick and strut your butt into the madness!… with a smile of course.

Runway beats and front row seats! Oh, and can we talk about my blue bag and shoes! #blueforthewin

My second piece of advice, try to get a front row seat and don’t wear a big arrogant hat! Contact the PR agent for the designer or figure out how you can pull some strings! Front row is the way to go! Especially for the Mikael D show! His collection was absolutely UNREAL! I took at least 100 photos and videos! (Thanks Mikael for using up all my phone storage). The takeaway that I got from this show: Sparkles, bling, gold, elegance.. is BACK! I loved and will be dreaming of Mikael D’s dresses… for like ever!

Every gown was so detailed and elegant


Models be strutting!


The Black Diamond Ball

A gala celebration of the African-Canadian community

Toronto’s second grand black diamond ball was held at the Fairmont Hotel in one of their stunning ballrooms last Saturday. Everyone was dressed to the 9’s, the cultural dance performers were amazing and the talent was unforgettable as the singer Brandy made her way to the stage to shock the crowd.

My favorite lawyer! #bosslady

With fabulous wine and traditional African food, the crowd thoroughly enjoyed every last bite followed by dancing along to the many musical artists. Tickets ran from $100-$150 which I thought was very reasonable considering how classy and well put together it was.

Monday Vibes

It’s Monday, go back to bed!!!!….. Just kidding! Get up extra early and prep for your week! You either love or hate Mondays and if you hate them you need to ask yourself what actions can you take to help you enjoy your day and be prepared for the week. 

If you don’t have time on Sunday to prep your week ahead then wake up a little extra Monday morning, or finish off everything Monday evening. Here is a few things to make your week a little smoother;

5 points of gratitude: Instead of hitting snooze for the next 20 minutes, lay in bed and think of five things you are grateful for. It could be individuals in your life or little things in life you enjoy.

Meal Prep: Prepare a few meals / easy grab and go snacks.  Such as a bag of almonds, crackers, pickles, yogurt, cucumbers, apples, energy bites, hard boiled eggs, home made muffins…. and don’t forget a big water bottle!

Wardrobe Prep: Look at the weather, clear a spot in your closet and plan your funky outfit out for the next couple days, down to the accessories you use. This is a huge time saver!

Get your laundry and dishes done: The goal should be to start out each day with the dirty stuff finished. The last thing you want to come home to after a long and stressful day is a sink full or dishes and dirty laundry spilling out everywhere.

Morning Tunes: Set up your favorite tunes you want to listen to each morning. Maybe you’ll have a specific morning song list that suits your mood.


Make your mark

I feel that children these days are focused on school, friends, sports, family and who the cute guy is sitting behind them. They have so much energy and passion it’s truly amazing! Childen are not afraid to confront people, and they usually don’t care about silly things adults do these days. How can we help them discover their passions? How can we help them make their mark in the world?

Katie Zeppieri has created a platform for kids to put all their positive energy into. The mission of ” Make Your Mark” is to spread kindness and to develop and inspire young leaders of great character and also to explore their talents, find their passions and feel empowered to make their mark in their schools, community and the world.

I love to see young passionate entrepreneurs making a difference in this world! #bethechange

On Feb 20th 2017, I experienced Katie’s passion for all her amazing projects to do with empowering youth. She had myself and a friend hand out cake pops to the kids, sing karaokee, and take photos. She also had magicians, face painters and violinists playing in hope to also help raise money for Sick Kids. Everything was an absolute blast and the smiles that we saw from the kids were priceless! At the end of the day, each of us must ask our self “how are we making our mark?”.