Tis the Season

 Ho Ho Ho,

Bringing in warm wishes for everyone and their loved ones this holiday season. No matter what your religion is, what you believe in or you don’t remember to take the time to enjoy this new season ahead of us and create new memories with people you care about.

5 Fun fabulous winter activities;


  1. Ice skating! Bundle up, get your 4 pairs of socks on and get your butt out on the ice! Don’t forget your hot chocolate and baileys 😉
  2. Pass out sweaters, blankets, socks to the homeless. Share some smiles with those in need, by going through your closet and pulling out the woolies you never wear. Take a walk with some hot cocoa, you would be surprised how thankful the homeless people are and what great conversations you may have with them.
  3. Have a Christmas photo shoot with some fun props, your dog/ significant other, and make a collage with all of the photos to print out and give to your family for Christmas.
  4. Christmas movie marathon!!! Lets bring out the Grinch, Christmas with the Kranks, National Lampoons Christmas, ELF, White Christmas, and Home Alone!
  5. Mulled wine and Charades! Gather a group of friends, have a Christmas cook off, make an extra strong batch of mulled wine and play your favorite games!


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