Preview : Fuel your mind

  • Re-educate yourself: Don’t think because you finished school years ago that you’re all done, or you’re simply too good and you know everything. Because YOU DON’T! Sorry to break it to you but there’s always someone smarter, making more money, or operating more businesses than you. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. However what differentiates you from Joe Shmoe in the office next door is the fact that you study Spanish, and business on the side once or twice a week, and your resume slowly builds which can lead to potential opportunity and gives you more opportunity to relate to people/ clients.
  • Find yourself 1 / 2 mentors: If you’re stuck on the path of not knowing which industry to pursue or which business to start it’s best to get information from someone at a higher point then you are at, who will give you a non-biased opinion. Don’t underestimate your potential, even if it is an unrealistic idea, don’t be afraid to look into it.
  • Seek all potential in your role: You aren’t a job title, so don’t think of yourself as being defined as one specific role, and don’t assume you will stick to one career your entire life. 

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