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 As you’re soaking up the last few weeks of August, remember that September is right around the corner! I say a hell yes to pumpkins, leaves and of course many of the amazing pop-up events. I thought I would share a tip from my book, as something we all know but just seem to forget. Re-Educate yourself! It’s not too late to look into a few electives at your local university. Keep your mind active!


Don’t think because you finished school years ago that you’re all done, or you know everything there is to know. Because YOU DON’T! Sorry to break it to you but there’s always someone smarter, making more money, or running more businesses than you. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. However, what differentiates you from Joe Shmoe in the office next door, is the fact that you also study Spanish, tourism, and business on the side once or twice a week, while Joe on the other hand spends his time whispering to his cat and eating burritos.


You need to think long term, “how can I continuously add to my resume and skill set”? Over time, it may create more opportunity to relate to people in general or your clients. Think of yourself as a staircase, continuously stepping higher and higher to a more intellectually stimulating place than you were before. Your education and personal knowledge should be a priority, it’s still possible to obtain a life full of balance. Think long term, more knowledge more power.

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