Giving back is a way of life!

To the wonderful people who see more out of life,

 I started The Karebear Community 2.5 years ago, in hope to promote giving back to the community and also to help provide funds to existing charity groups around the world that are close to my heart. I have successfully hosted three charity events raising funds for “Operation Smile”, “Variety Children’s Charity”,  and “The Interval House”.

This November I will be volunteering for a week in El Salvador at the Remar orphanage which hosts 85 children. I’ am so excited to spend time with these wonderful children as I have a huge heart that feels the need to spread lots of love and affection towards these kids. I can’t wait to hear their powerful stories and get to know each individual personality.

My focus will be spending time with the kids, cleaning, cooking, providing warm meals from the donated funds, and helping out with the newborn babies. I will also be taking a large suitcase filled with children’s clothes and many other things they will need. Stay tuned for my upcoming adventure!



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