Low and behold we have the first luxury, vegetarian, plant-based restaurant in Yorkville! PLANTA!!!

Planta offers cold-pressed juice bases from Village Juicery as well as an option to make your healthy drink into a cocktail! As well as many other lovely hearty meals, tasty salads, and gorgeous desserts! The first time I went to Planta, I ended up going there twice in the same day. How does that happen one may ask? Well, two of my meetings were scheduled to be there, and I wasn’t about to boycott that option! I love plant based foods because I feel it gives me consistent energy and also gives me a piece of mind that I am feeding my body with natural, non-processed food.

1221 Bay Street

So I wrote this for you to live vicariously through all the tasty treats I had that day. Who says plant based had to be boring?

Plant-based Cheesecake!!!! Minus the cheese, topped with pistachios!


 Chocolate Chia toffee crunch dessert, topped with raspberries! Which was to die for! Soo much flavor!

 This tasted like Mango, chia seeds with coconut chips! Very light and refreshing.







 And it’s not a fulfilled meal at Planta until you wash down your food with this spiced Chai Late! Delicious!

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