Fresh fresh fresh. Lets get FRESH

I feel like every year I start off telling myself, “Ok it’s a new year, you need to eat healthier!”. And then 2 seconds later I am craving chocolate covered almonds and I have half a cookie in my mouth. So I then remind myself it’s all about balance! This year I have successfully been to the gym, yoga, a couple boxing classes and try to squeeze in a salad at least 4 times per week. It’s much easier to order a pizza or eat a bowl of cereal If you don’t map out a good selection of healthy restaurants.

 Fresh happened to be the first healthy vegetarian restaurant I came across when moving to Toronto. Picture a small room with small tables and vibrant dishes. They have great options for huge salads/bowls which actually last me a lunch, dinner and possibly lunch for the following day. Each time I visit Fresh or other healthy restaurants I feel like patting myself on the back “You go girl, feed your body something healthy, woho eat those greens”.

 If you love liquid breakfasts ( Excluding champagne ) you’ll love the wide variety of juices Fresh has to offer. My favourite part is they offer 1 full litre of juice for about $17 which lasts me at least half a day and you can have them made fruity or greeny. So the next time you feel like being healthy try washing down that cookie with a green juice, Fresh has 4 locations in Toronto so there’s no excuse!

Giving back is a way of life!


To the wonderful people who see more out of life,

 I started The Karebear Community 2.5 years ago, in hope to promote giving back to the community and also to help provide funds to existing charity groups around the world that are close to my heart. I have successfully hosted three charity events raising funds for “Operation Smile”, “Variety Children’s Charity”,  and “The Interval House”.

This November I will be volunteering for a week in El Salvador at the Remar orphanage which hosts 85 children. I’ am so excited to spend time with these wonderful children as I have a huge heart that feels the need to spread lots of love and affection towards these kids. I can’t wait to hear their powerful stories and get to know each individual personality.

My focus will be spending time with the kids, cleaning, cooking, providing warm meals from the donated funds, and helping out with the newborn babies. I will also be taking a large suitcase filled with children’s clothes and many other things they will need. Stay tuned for my upcoming adventure!



Personal Growth

October – Being the first Monday of a new month brings me to express that we have three months left of 2016! And boy oh boy these next few months are going to fly by! Analyze what steps you can take to make sure you reach all your goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. Consistently ask yourself “what is my next move”?. You are in control of your growth and if you don’t have a clear direction or stay on top of what you want out of life then you will stand still in a moving, thriving world. Make personal growth a priority.



Toronto International Film Fest – Giants Of Africa

All about TIFF. …. Stay tuned for more updates

Much like Christmas, once per year everyone related to the film industry awaits the crazy 10 days of TIFF. The streets are packed, the outfits are outrageous, the events are superb and the people are outrageously artistic.. and the celebrities, well they get to enjoy Toronto just as much as we do, as well as all of the VIP parties….. that I tried to crash of course.

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Giants of Africa: The movie was inspired by the NBA’s “Basketball Without Borders” program, Giants of Africa exists to create those same opportunities for not only African youth but also for coaches and mentors who go back to their own homeland to influence future generations. The movie had a fantastic turnout rate and many powerful emotions expressed throughout the crowd. The after party was hosted at Chez Lavelle rooftop, with specialty African cuisine and an open bar. The crowd was dressed to the nines and the vibe was flawless. Definitely, a night to remember!




Re-Educate yourself < Tips for you

 As you’re soaking up the last few weeks of August, remember that September is right around the corner! I say a hell yes to pumpkins, leaves and of course many of the amazing pop-up events. I thought I would share a tip from my book, as something we all know but just seem to forget. Re-Educate yourself! It’s not too late to look into a few electives at your local university. Keep your mind active!


Don’t think because you finished school years ago that you’re all done, or you know everything there is to know. Because YOU DON’T! Sorry to break it to you but there’s always someone smarter, making more money, or running more businesses than you. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. However, what differentiates you from Joe Shmoe in the office next door, is the fact that you also study Spanish, tourism, and business on the side once or twice a week, while Joe on the other hand spends his time whispering to his cat and eating burritos.


You need to think long term, “how can I continuously add to my resume and skill set”? Over time, it may create more opportunity to relate to people in general or your clients. Think of yourself as a staircase, continuously stepping higher and higher to a more intellectually stimulating place than you were before. Your education and personal knowledge should be a priority, it’s still possible to obtain a life full of balance. Think long term, more knowledge more power.

Business & Entrepreneurial Tips 101

Low and behold, my very first book about business! 

What’s inside? Well, let me tell you! 101 pages of informative, blunt information that will resonate with you or leave you thinking “hmm I didn’t know that before”. Have you ever picked up a book and read it half way, then put it down on your dusty bookshelf to be forgotten forever? Yes, I sure have, and I also tend to spend more time trying to understand the jargon that is trying to make a point.

Welcome to Business & Entrepreneurial Tips 101! Where there is NO CHAPTERS, NO BS, and straight to the point information!

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The All-Star Sick Kids Gala

What a lovely evening at the Arcadian Court in support of Sick Kids hospital. It was definitely one of the classier events Toronto has to offer, from the beautifully dressed women to the exquisite charitable items up for auction. This evening was filled with dance performers, special guests, and positive vibes all around.





The Annual Karebear Community Charity event

Our mission for The Karebear Community is to host annual events to raise funds for multiple causes.

2016, we focused on The Women’s Interval House Toronto and Operation Smile Canada. Our evening was a success as we raised $2500, and reconnected wonderful people throughout the evening.

The Karebear Community also focuses on giving back to less fortunate people worldwide. We have been successful in making a difference by giving to those in Shanghai, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Give what you can, whether it’s your time or a small donation. Be the change! Thank you to those who came and showed their support. 


What a magnificent group of people


The intelligent, beautiful women of Toronto