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Coconut oil : There are so many ways to use coconut oil, its one of the best natural remedies. From oil pulling,  to a wonderful winter natural foot care remedy or an amazing hair mask.

To check out 101 ways to use coconut oil →



Best Hair products :

Every women is always on the hunt for the most effective beautifying hair products. My Top three are the must have, four star rating products out there.

1 – Tingling, %100 natural conditioner : Sunevenus

DescriptionnaturalSunevenus_Image:  Comes in a large bottle, smells amazing and makes your skin tingle and feel fresh. I love all natural products and this is one of my favorites! Sent straight from Egypt with no parabens or harmful ingredients, this amazing product line features the blue lotus flower which is said to  promote sexual desire, relieve pain, increase circulation, and create feelings of well-being, euphoria and ecstasy. All I can say is it makes your showing experience that much more enjoyable.

Food and drinks for Healthy/ luscious Skin

gojii1. Antioxidants, including vitamin C, help to manage damage caused by free radicals. Ever had puffy,bbimages red skin? Well, that’s inflammation and you can help manage it by eating more antioxidant-rich foods such as pomegranates, açai berries, blueberries, goji berries and natural dark chocolate… yes I said chocolate.
Chlorella-superfood-chlorophyll-59-protein-vitamins-minerals_f_1_650_0 2. Chlorophyll and spirulina are super food supplements, that help naturally cleChlorella_Tablets_300_CDN_V8-Outlines-P1anse the body of toxins. Add 1tbl spoon with of each with a pinch of cayenne and a freshly squeezed lemon into a liter of water, and viola you have made a self healing power drink.
3. Lemon/ limes / grapefruiteepolopolpimages
 If you want a simple action to do each day to maintaining your flawless skin try adding freshly squeezed lemons, limes and grapefruits into your water. They are naturally detoxifying and very alkaline balanced, and the added flavor will help you drink more water throughout the day. Lemons especially have the effect of curbing your hunger and can help you to loose weight if desired and taken daily.
4.Aqua  download
Remember the saying “ every body needs at least 7 glasses of water a day? Well I think we all can do personally better then that. With the amount of caffeinated drinks society guzzles down on the daily, I think we need even more then ever especially if you’re working out on top of it, or the climate is extremely hot. I love buying the 1 liter Fiji bottles of water and adding a lemon or water flavoring into it or filling up a couple shaker cups and leaving them around the house as a reminder to water your body.
In the summer and spring its a great idea to buy a nice water bottle that you won’t mind carrying around and fill the bottom with berries, mint, cucumber, apples, watermelon etc. Not only will it flavor your water but by the time you get hungry you’ll have plenty of hydrated fruit you can eat at the bottom when the water is gone. Now that is what I call a win win.
5. Go wild with Walnuts! 
imagesWalnuts contain omega-3 essential fatty acids, which can improve skin’s elasticity, the nuts are also loaded with copper, a mineral that boosts collagen production. Snack on a handful of walnuts each day to improve your complexion’s texture, best paired with fruit to slow down digestion. 
6. Green Tea! Need I say more,
11136654_10155428678640543_540298191036347436_n   Green tea is one of the healthiest, natural beverages out there. Not only is it fabulous in the winter and in-expensive and it has so many great health benefits. 
Follow these link for 10 more in depth proven benefits.


V I L L A G E – J U I C E R Y 


The Village team is fantastic and the store itself is precisely clean and welcoming. What I specifically like about Village Juicerys juices are on the back of each bottle it shows exactly the percentage of fruit and vegetables that are put into each juice, which means there won’t be watered down juices or juices full of just fruit and  little greens. Beyond enriching your health and energy levels with the products, Village Juicerys goal is to also fuel your mind with knowledge about their product, from what you’re drinking to where it comes from and what ingredients can impact your life.

I feel that everyone can always learn more about health and nutrition and different techniques to resetting your body and living a healthier lifestyle.

Each juice is tailored to what your bodily needs are, and taste extremely healthy.

Village_Juicery   The Green juices are particularly my favorite 😉


Osmosis- MD Polish Enzyme Firming Mask


300900533707_1 The MD polish enzyme firming exfoliating mask that gives the skin a smooth, healthy appearance with each application through the use of cranberry enzymes with small amounts of L-lactic Acid.  Using fruit and other gentle enzymes, Polish is designed to remove only the exfoliating epidermal layers by primarily cleaving protein (keratin) and minimizing lipid removal. In addition, Polish provides a gentle firming effect and a radiant glow that lasts for many hours which leaves your skin firm, smooth and beautiful.

MicroGREENS – Your road to wellness never tasted this good

So heres the scoop on this tasty green drink. MicroGREENS is a highly specific composition of the finest ingredients that nature has to offer: over super greens, brightly coloured fruits & vegetables, phytonutrients, and a potent blend of digestive plant based enzymes. In other words forget the red bull… Microgreens gives you WINGS.


as we are off camping, at BBQs, lounging on the patio, and chowing down on fish and chips with a spicy caesar in the other hand. And as many men I know don’t particularly like vegetables making it especially hard. Micro greens is by far the best tasting greens supplement I have ever tried among the bunch and I find I can have as many scoops in a day as I want and I feel a very natural energy, which especially helps me around 3:00 when I wish I wason a yoga mat in the fetal position.

The best combination that I particularly like are the following;

– Micro greens and water ( It tastes like a bunch of luscious berries)

-Micro greens, cayenne pepper and lemon Juice ( For a stronger detoxifying result )

-Micro greens blended with kale, spinach and one banana ( For even more nutrients and fiber, try adding more fruits and vegetables to keep you fuller longer).

-Micro greens and coconut water with 4 ice cubes and pineapple chunks

Let’s go GREEN and get healthy!


Ladies ladies, I have some beautiiiii-filled news for you.

It’s hard enough finding the time to keep yourself looking fabulous 24/7 but fortunately, I have a place for you to re-vamp your look. The Beauty Bar is a one-stop shop for all beauty needs for men and women. They currently have three locations in Toronto, filled with a personable, energetic team of staff that genuinely want you to look and feel your best. Some of my favorite services the Beauty Bar offers are their Hydrafacials, teeth whitening, and preventative botox.

Hydrafacials: The only hydra-dermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime. The treatment is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive and non-irritating. After you’re finished your face literally is glowing and you can tell your skin is much happier than before.


Teeth Whitening: Coffee, red wine, beets, oh my! Yes, all very delicious but not so amazing for our teeth. As time goes on a dark color tints those pearly whites of yours making it hard to maintain your superstar smile. That’s when teeth whitening comes in hand! It can take as little as sitting in a chair for 20 minutes, and Viola! Your teeth can appear up to 4 shades whiter, which will make your selfie game that much better 😉


Preventative Botox: Life is filled with smiles and frowns and unfortunately as time goes by it’s hard to maintain that baby face of yours which is when preventative botox comes in hand! I think preventing anything we don’t want in life is a smart way to go which is why I truly believe in preventative botox. It’s a tiny little pinch that lasts one second and within two weeks you can start to notice improvements in your skin and face. The highly educated Beauty Bar team recognizes how many units you may need depending on your face type and educates you along the way to ensure your comfort.
For all other beauty-related needs visit their website at

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