Fresh fresh fresh. Lets get FRESH

I feel like every year I start off telling myself, “Ok it’s a new year, you need to eat healthier!”. And then 2 seconds later I am craving chocolate covered almonds and I have half a cookie in my mouth. So I then remind myself it’s all about balance! This year I have successfully been to the gym, yoga, a couple boxing classes and try to squeeze in a salad at least 4 times per week. It’s much easier to order a pizza or eat a bowl of cereal If you don’t map out a good selection of healthy restaurants.

 Fresh happened to be the first healthy vegetarian restaurant I came across when moving to Toronto. Picture a small room with small tables and vibrant dishes. They have great options for huge salads/bowls which actually last me a lunch, dinner and possibly lunch for the following day. Each time I visit Fresh or other healthy restaurants I feel like patting myself on the back “You go girl, feed your body something healthy, woho eat those greens”.

 If you love liquid breakfasts ( Excluding champagne ) you’ll love the wide variety of juices Fresh has to offer. My favourite part is they offer 1 full litre of juice for about $17 which lasts me at least half a day and you can have them made fruity or greeny. So the next time you feel like being healthy try washing down that cookie with a green juice, Fresh has 4 locations in Toronto so there’s no excuse!

Business & Entrepreneurial Tips 101

Low and behold, my very first book about business! 

What’s inside? Well, let me tell you! 101 pages of informative, blunt information that will resonate with you or leave you thinking “hmm I didn’t know that before”. Have you ever picked up a book and read it half way, then put it down on your dusty bookshelf to be forgotten forever? Yes, I sure have, and I also tend to spend more time trying to understand the jargon that is trying to make a point.

Welcome to Business & Entrepreneurial Tips 101! Where there is NO CHAPTERS, NO BS, and straight to the point information!

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Beauty for the beauties



Ladies ladies, I have some beautiiiii-filled news for you.


 It’s hard enough finding the time to keep yourself looking fabulous 24/7 but fortunately, I have a place for you to re-vamp your look. The Beauty Bar is a one-stop shop for all beauty needs for men and women. They currently have three locations in Toronto, filled with a personable, energetic team of staff that genuinely want you to look and feel your best. Some of my favorite services the Beauty Bar offers are their Hydrafacials, teeth whitening, and preventative botox.

Hydrafacials: The only hydra-dermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime. The treatment is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive and non-irritating. After you’re finished your face literally is glowing and you can tell your skin is much happier than before.


Teeth Whitening: Coffee, red wine, beets, oh my! Yes, all very delicious but not so amazing for our teeth. As time goes on a dark color tints those pearly whites of yours making it hard to maintain your superstar smile. That’s when teeth whitening comes in hand! It can take as little as sitting in a chair for 20 minutes, and Viola! Your teeth can appear up to 4 shades whiter, which will make your selfie game that much better 😉


Preventative Botox: Life is filled with smiles and frowns and unfortunately as time goes by it’s hard to maintain that baby face of yours which is when preventative botox comes in hand! I think preventing anything we don’t want in life is a smart way to go which is why I truly believe in preventative botox. It’s a tiny little pinch that lasts one second and within two weeks you can start to notice improvements in your skin and face. The highly educated Beauty Bar team recognizes how many units you may need depending on your face type and educates you along the way to ensure your comfort.
For all other beauty-related needs visit their website at

When in Paris, go to fashion week

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016

With the Spring 2016 shows at Paris Fashion Week officially coming to a close, the runways in the City of Light have offered a dose of quirky, colorful and fresh designs for the season ahead. Behold the future of 2016

Take a look at some runway favs.

Louis Vuitton


On the catwalk at Louis Vuitton, creative director Nicolas Ghesquière unveiled leather motorcycle jackets in black and pink as statement looks. Staying true to the collection’s funky digital theme, futuristic mesh detailed tops, hints of embellishment and strappy black platform shoes also made their way into the collection. For a contrasting effect, loose white blouses and flowing dresses also brought an airy, lighthearted touch to the line. The wigs really made it stand out and emphasized on the blouse color.



Model Lea Holzfuss opened the show in a gray check coat, plaid trousers, and teetering Kiss platform boots. I think this trench coat is wearable with almost anything.



While the show may have been set in Paris, Valentino creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli turned to Africa for their Spring 2016 designs. On the catwalk, this translated into a sartorial blend between tribal style and traditional Italian detail. The Valentino runway revealed a peek of intricate Masai inspired beadwork, chunky statement necklaces and flowing frocks. Dresses were finished with colourful embroidered detail, dainty pleats and pops of colour. From basic black to punchy yellow, the collection was an exotic, eye-catching sigh. Yellow is here to stay.

Pumpkin Spice what?

Its that time of year again, Pumpkin spice everything! Here is one of my favorite smoothies to make. I am proudly welcoming fall with both arms wide open, move over Starbucks I’m making smoothies!


Pumpkin Pure, Banana, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vega Chai and 3 ice cubes.


V I L L A G E – J U I C E R Y 


The team is fantastic and the store itself is precisely clean and welcoming. What I specifically like about Village Juicerys juices is on the back of each bottle it shows exactly the percentage of fruit and vegetables that are put into each juice, which means there won’t be watered down juices or juices full of just fruit and  little greens. Beyond enriching your health and energy levels with the products.

Village Juicerys goal is to also fuel your mind with knowledge about their product, from what you’re drinking to where it comes from and what ingredients can impact your life. I feel that everyone can always learn more about health and nutrition and different techniques to resetting your body and living a healthier lifestyle.

My first day of cleansing I already felt a difference. I had mental charity and enough energy to even make it to the gym!

Village_Juicery             Liquid Energy! Bring on the greens!        VillageJuicery1