Lady in Red, Lady in Narces

Take a deep breath, smile as big as you possibly can, and strut the runway like you own the place! #runwaytips101


Runway Beats & Front Row Seats

Hello, fashion week we meet again…. and again and again! 

However, this year was the first fashion week for women, known as TFW. I made it to a couple fashion shows, had about a million fashiongasims and hugged the other million people I ran into who were also attending the shows.

We’re smiling on the inside I swear!

Tip: Before attending a show have a shot of espresso, put on your highest most obnoxious shoes paired with bright bitchy lipstick and strut your butt into the madness!… with a smile of course.

Runway beats and front row seats! Oh, and can we talk about my blue bag and shoes! #blueforthewin

My second piece of advice, try to get a front row seat and don’t wear a big arrogant hat! Contact the PR agent for the designer or figure out how you can pull some strings! Front row is the way to go! Especially for the Mikael D show! His collection was absolutely UNREAL! I took at least 100 photos and videos! (Thanks Mikael for using up all my phone storage). The takeaway that I got from this show: Sparkles, bling, gold, elegance.. is BACK! I loved and will be dreaming of Mikael D’s dresses… for like ever!

Every gown was so detailed and elegant


Models be strutting!