Monday Vibes

It’s Monday, go back to bed!!!!….. Just kidding! Get up extra early and prep for your week! You either love or hate Mondays and if you hate them you need to ask yourself what actions can you take to help you enjoy your day and be prepared for the week. 

If you don’t have time on Sunday to prep your week ahead then wake up a little extra Monday morning, or finish off everything Monday evening. Here is a few things to make your week a little smoother;

5 points of gratitude: Instead of hitting snooze for the next 20 minutes, lay in bed and think of five things you are grateful for. It could be individuals in your life or little things in life you enjoy.

Meal Prep: Prepare a few meals / easy grab and go snacks.  Such as a bag of almonds, crackers, pickles, yogurt, cucumbers, apples, energy bites, hard boiled eggs, home made muffins…. and don’t forget a big water bottle!

Wardrobe Prep: Look at the weather, clear a spot in your closet and plan your funky outfit out for the next couple days, down to the accessories you use. This is a huge time saver!

Get your laundry and dishes done: The goal should be to start out each day with the dirty stuff finished. The last thing you want to come home to after a long and stressful day is a sink full or dishes and dirty laundry spilling out everywhere.

Morning Tunes: Set up your favorite tunes you want to listen to each morning. Maybe you’ll have a specific morning song list that suits your mood.