Fresh fresh fresh. Lets get FRESH

I feel like every year I start off telling myself, “Ok it’s a new year, you need to eat healthier!”. And then 2 seconds later I am craving chocolate covered almonds and I have half a cookie in my mouth. So I then remind myself it’s all about balance! This year I have successfully been to the gym, yoga, a couple boxing classes and try to squeeze in a salad at least 4 times per week. It’s much easier to order a pizza or eat a bowl of cereal If you don’t map out a good selection of healthy restaurants.

 Fresh happened to be the first healthy vegetarian restaurant I came across when moving to Toronto. Picture a small room with small tables and vibrant dishes. They have great options for huge salads/bowls which actually last me a lunch, dinner and possibly lunch for the following day. Each time I visit Fresh or other healthy restaurants I feel like patting myself on the back “You go girl, feed your body something healthy, woho eat those greens”.

 If you love liquid breakfasts ( Excluding champagne ) you’ll love the wide variety of juices Fresh has to offer. My favourite part is they offer 1 full litre of juice for about $17 which lasts me at least half a day and you can have them made fruity or greeny. So the next time you feel like being healthy try washing down that cookie with a green juice, Fresh has 4 locations in Toronto so there’s no excuse!