Make your mark

I feel that children these days are focused on school, friends, sports, family and who the cute guy is sitting behind them. They have so much energy and passion it’s truly amazing! Childen are not afraid to confront people, and they usually don’t care about silly things adults do these days. How can we help them discover their passions? How can we help them make their mark in the world?

Katie Zeppieri has created a platform for kids to put all their positive energy into. The mission of ” Make Your Mark” is to spread kindness and to develop and inspire young leaders of great character and also to explore their talents, find their passions and feel empowered to make their mark in their schools, community and the world.

I love to see young passionate entrepreneurs making a difference in this world! #bethechange

On Feb 20th 2017, I experienced Katie’s passion for all her amazing projects to do with empowering youth. She had myself and a friend hand out cake pops to the kids, sing karaokee, and take photos. She also had magicians, face painters and violinists playing in hope to also help raise money for Sick Kids. Everything was an absolute blast and the smiles that we saw from the kids were priceless! At the end of the day, each of us must ask our self “how are we making our mark?”.